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"Unique, personalized website creation"

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"Management, operation and supervision"

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"Custom IOS and Android application development"

Looking for a quality and affordable service?

Web development

Custom, personalized website creation. Application of selected technologies, be it a content management system (CMS) or a completely custom-designed project.

Mobile application development

Implementation of custom IOS and Android applications, from the selection of the development methodology to the responsive web applications. After considering the disadvantages and advantages, the project is prepared.

Responsive look

The responsive design provides the most comfortable and complete user experience for the visitor browsing your website on any device. The created page is delivered optimized for both phone and tablet.

Custom modules

We undertake the preparation of corporate governance systems and individual modules. The implementation of calendars, online booking systems and imaginary projects.

Management of communication systems

Management, operation, and monitoring of information and communication technology systems, including computer networks and hardware, software, and ancillary computer equipment to ensure optimal performance and troubleshoot problems.

Database design and operation

The database is the system of the data used and the connections between them, it is very important that we plan the structure of our database well, as the consequence of this will be what kind of collections and screenings we can perform in it later.

Search engine optimization

Use technologies that help you search for the best position. Search engine optimization is the most effective way to gain new customers interested in your products or services in the long run. Optimization ensures that for specific terms, the website ranks as high as possible in the search engine results list, preferably in the top ten results.

Advertising, statistics and analysis

Configure Google Adwords campaigns, link Google Analytics to analyze traffic. Web statistics have long been not just about having to look at how many visitors come to your website in a given period of time! You need to know exactly what sources your visitors come from, which subpages they come to and where they leave, how much time they spend browsing, what percentage of them order or ask for more information / offers, how effective paid ads are - just to mention the most important aspects.

Community platform

Social media allows us to engage with our end users at a lower cost and with greater efficiency compared to traditional tools. Nevertheless, social media requires a new way of thinking. Success is not guaranteed just because a company has created its own profile on a social network. We also need to recognize the power and risk inherent in social media.


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